Captain metropolis

Nelson Gardner (19- 1974), aka Captain Metropolis, is a masked adventurer that belonged to. Occulted Watchmen: The True Fate of ‘Hooded Justice’ ‘Captain Metropolis’ is a paper by James Giffor originally published in 1999. He later adopted the Captain Metropolis persona, an using the skills he acquired in the military, attempted to eradicate organized crime in urban areas.

Captain Metropolis is a superhero in the Watchmen universe. Powers‎: ‎Leadership Unarmed CombatCharacter Type‎: ‎HumanDied‎: ‎Watchmen #- At Midnight, All The Age. Anexo:Personajes_de_WatchmenEn cachéSimilaresEl Comediante es el único miembro de los Vigilantes que también estuvo asociado a los Minutemen, a excepción del Capitán Metrópolis; que si bien no fue un . Main › Cafe SocietyEn cachéSimilaresTraducir esta páginajul.

They’re seen here, Captain Metropolis in the red bandit mask next to Silk Spectre I and Hooded Justice at the far right. Captain Metropolis (Character) on: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. A full character profile for Watchmen character Captain Metropolis, from the previous generation of costumed people. The Minutemen had three notable LGBT characters: Ursula Zandt (Silhouette), The Hooded Justice, and Nelson Gardner (Captain Metropolis).

Nelson Gardner (19- 1974), aka Captain Metropolis, is a masked adventurer.