Cleaning products vocabulary

Pasar a Cleaning Supplies – carpet cleaner, foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets. We’ve got many other vocabulary topics as well to help you learn English words. During this English lesson on household cleaning and laundry, you will learn the English vocabulary for Household cleaning and laundry items using pictures.

English for Hotel Housekeeping Work: 64+ Essential Vocabulary Words for Spotless,. This is a great website to learn the names of cleaning products and tools. A sweep the floor, B vacuum, C mop the floor.

D wash the windows, E dust, F wax the floor.

G polish the furniture, H clean the bathroom. Can you talk about cleaning in English? Bren describes how to clean the kitchen using some practical phrases.

The chemicals in this cleaning product can be ______ ( = dangerous) to your health.

They looked at cleaning products with antibacterial properties — but they looked at diseases caused by viruses. Cleaning professional learning focus: management, cleaning terms. Learn Spanish with interactive flashcards.

Practice your vocabulary, listening, and recollection skills. Disinfect the toilet with toilet duck (a special cleaning product that contains bleach.) Use window cleaner to . Nyco makes simple science of complicated chemistry and cleaning words. Simple carpet cleaning vocabulary terms are defined for beginners and pros. Spanish Vocabulary : Household Cleaning Supplies.

Basic Vocabulary for Brilliant Home Cleaning. Graham Green produces a picnic backpack that includes plastic People use too many chemical products in the home, for example cleaning products In the .