Crime scene cleaner salary

Some trade careers pay better than you might think. The job requires more than just good cleaning skills. Crime scene cleaners are outfitted in heavy, hot Hazmat suits, complete with .

Salary range for a crime scene cleaner can start between $30a year up to $80a year. The high end salary is for persons who are . Vandalism, crime scene and biohazard clean up. For such a rough job, crime scene cleanup crew members are not always well pai plus the hours can be unpredictable.

According to the BLS, the average annual salary for such positions in May 2010. According to crime scene cleaning franchise Bio-One Inc. Juan Osteguin, a co-owner of Crime Scene Cleaners in San Antonio, is an.

Just as often, crime-scene cleaners will be called in to clear out an illegal drug lab after a. Bipartisan bill could help you pay off your student loans. The Daily Life Of A Crime Scene Cleaner: Triple Murders, Dead. Driving to each scene in the company vehicle is a different pay rate.

Cleaning crime and trauma scenes is a deadly profitable business. People searching for Become a Crime Scene Cleaner: Step-by-Step Career.

Learn about the education requirements and get the salary and job outlook for .