Shipping container architecture

The best architecture and design projects using shipping containers curated by Dezeen. Shipping container architecture is a form of architecture using steel intermodal containers (shipping containers) as structural element. Architects transform old shipping containers into an edgy concert hall.

Opinion: What’s Wrong With Shipping Container Housing? GA Designs Radical Shipping Container Skyscraper for Mumbai Slum. If you caught our recent round up of shipping container homes, you know there’s no shortage of innovative adaptations to the boxy cargo pieces.

They’re not just for global shipping anymore: These creative adaptations think inside the box. At this moment, there are more than million steel intermodal . The World Leader in Shipping Container Homes, Offices and Food Service Structures. Durable, plentiful, and affordable, cargo containers have taken the architecture world by storm, metamorphosing into much more than simple . NL architects have developed a temporary structure at ‘barneveld noord bus station’ in the netherlands, designed to improve the . After watching all the coverage of shipping container schemes with some bemusement, I asked Does Shipping Container Architecture Make . A kindergarten in Japan presents a new game: Find the shipping container.

Shipping container homes, offices and buildings offer low cost, efficiency and flexibility. Container architecture is taking off, bringing green .

These days, it seems as though shipping containers are being used more frequently for architecture than they are for actual shipping. MODERN MINIMALIST ARCHITECTURE and specializing in SHIPPING CONTAINER ARCHITECTURE the website for container houses, shipping container, . Architect Paul Rudolph once called the mobile home the 20th century brick; the shipping container may well be taking its place in the twenty-first. Shipping Container Architecture – We provide the complete solution from concept and design to fabrication and installation. Shipping container architecture is not getting as much press as it once di but people are still repurposing cargo containers to build inexpensive and often times .