Butler cafe

Butlers Café (バトラースカフェ, Batorāsu Kafe) is a restaurant and bar located in Shibuya, Tokyo, one of Japan’s leading fashion centers. Restaurante_cosplayEn cachéSimilaresLos restaurantes cosplay (コスプレ系飲食店, Kosupure-kei Inshokuten) son establecimientos de. Dado el incremento de chicas otakus, en 20se abrió el primer Butler Cafe en Ikebukuro, que es la contrapartida a los maid cafe, por lo que en .

Pasar a Butler café – Cosplay restaurants are theme restaurants and pubs that originated in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, around the year 1999. A butler cafe is like your typical maid cafe, except instead of girls in maid outfits there are men in butler uniforms waiting at your beck and call. A while ago, I wrote a post about my awful experience at the Butler Café in Shibuya. Since then, I’ve done a bit of thinking .

We, Suppin Japan, introduce japanese culture. El primer Café Maid Butler en Guadalajara! Because nothing complements happiness better than coffee, in 19we opened the very first Butlers Chocolate Café in a beautiful corner of Wicklow Street in .

There is really nothing special about coffee shops. It’s usually a place to simply relax, drink some coffee, and perhaps read a book or magazine. Kind of like the opposite of a maid café, the butler café is essentially meant to give women that fantastical experience of having a group of good. Royal Roulette will be your gentle hosts at their butler café.

Sip on a nice glass of bubbles and enjoy something from our exclusive menu while our butlers . If your life’s ambition is to be waited on hand and foot by a handsome foreign man in tie and tails, get thee to the Butlers Cafe on the double! Of course I’ve had heard about that place before: Swallowtail Butler Café. Friends had told me about it, too, rhapsodizing about the amazing . Fresh off of Anime Expo 201 our Butler Cafe is a fun interactive experience, featuring a g. I and my friend is planning to go to maid cafe in akihabara, but, I also want to see butler cafe to see the difference in experience.

Ladies and gentlemen, Cafe V cordially invites you to our events! Set in the style of a Japanese dansou† butler cafe, we host events at conventions, tea houses, . Butler Cafe Swallowtail, Toshima: Consulta opiniones sobre Butler Cafe Swallowtail con puntuación de y clasificado en TripAdvisor N.