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U by Kotex feminine hygiene products such as tampons, period pads, and maxi. Please help us improve our website by taking a quick survey. Kotex is a brand of feminine hygiene products, which includes the Kotex maxi, thin and ultra.

In the United States, Kotex was launched in 19by Kimberly-Clark to make use of leftover cellucotton (wood pulp fiber) from World War One . From personal style to individuality to an active lifestyle, our Kotex and Intimus brands aim to inspire confidence in every. Productos para la menstruación, higiene y cuidado femenino.

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Explore Pads Kotex, Nl Order, and more! Beltless adhesive sanitary maxi menstrual paKotex, U. An executive for Kimberly-Clark, the owner of Kotex, notes that US TV networks have no such compunction about references to erectile . PeriodProjects – a project series led by real women who share our passion for change. Hello Disappointed4 thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We are super glad that Kotex has been your go-to brand over the year.

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