Antistatic mat

StarTech M30Tapete Antiestático de PVC, Antistatic Mat, Beige,60cm x 70cAmazon. Antistatic Mat provide a path to ground for a charge from conductive or static dissipative items placed on the mat. These mats are available in foam, rubber and .

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Bertech ESD Mat Kit with a Wrist Strap and a Grounding Cor 2\u0026; Wide. Pasar a Antistatic mat – An antistatic floor mat or ground mat is one of a number of antistatic devices designed to help eliminate static electricity. An inexpensive solution to a reasonably expensive, albeit necessary, electronic soldering accessory.

Buy Rosewill RTK-ASM Anti-Static Mat with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Find great deals on for Anti Static Mat in Manufacturing and Metalwork PCB Assembly Equipment. Anti static mats are designed to drain static charges from items placed on its surface. They also protect the surface of the ESD sensitive devices from . I have a unused desktop and i want to dissect it to put fresher parts in it (it currently runs Pentium 4).

In this video we show you the features and benefits of our range of anti-static, ESD-safe work mats.